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Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows

What do you think about linking your smartphone to your Windows PC or Windows Laptop? Your Phone Companion can connect your mobile with your Personal Computer. This makes your daily work easy. Users can answer calls from Their personal computers. Your Phone Companion can manage your phone in real-time. You need windows 10 as your PC’s operating system. 


 Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows

Manage notifications 

Users can make calls and receive calls from their PC. Also, users can manage their android phone notifications on the ‘your Phone Companion’ software. It is very useful when you are focusing on your work with a PC or a Laptop. It’s too complicated to manage two devices at once. This software can do it quickly and easily. You can text someone from this software and you can reply to a text from here. 

Share file easily between two devices

 Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows

Also, there is a cool feature to share files and folders between your pc and smartphone. It is so simple to do. You can drag and drop files and folders from those two devices. You can copy and paste content windows to your mobile. Also, You can access your phone’s gallery just in seconds with your windows PC. Your Laptop’s mouse and keyboard and touch screen support your phone.

View your mobile apps on your PC

This is a cool feature that you can control your phone’s applications with just a single click from your mouse. Approve access to control apps when you open this application. This may be excellent in case you need to demonstrate an app to a group of people or have apps that you take a look at in the course of the day however need to maintain everything on one screen. This is a really good feature so you can focus on your work.

 Surface Duo and pick out Samsung models have Linked to Windows integrated and no extra apps required to be downloaded from the Play Store.  Your PC or Laptop requires to answer calls for windows 10 May 2019 update or the later version with BlueTooth capability.

 Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows

You can easily access your smartphone by connecting this App to your Personal computer. Go to the Microsoft store from your SmartPhone and download it. Now Your Phone Companion will launch on your PC and ask you about the operating system on your mobile phone. Just click and continue it. There will appear a QR code on your phone. Scan it and link with your mobile phone to experience those cool features. Click here to download Your Phone Companion.   

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