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Wifikill Apk Free Download v2.3.2

Wifikill Apk Free Download v2.3.3

Install Wifikill Apk to Your Phone and Secure Network

What is the Wifikill Apk

Wifikill apk 2021 is a popular app to manage login permissions in wifi connections. Do you use wifi network in your home, office, or public? Do you need to give access to log in some special users? wifikill is the app for doing this task awesomely. If your wifi network extends with password protection but who knows this password they can log into your connection and use a network and browse but when you install wifi kill app or wifikill pro app you can give access to special users it will help to secure network and reduce data usage.

How WifiKill Apk or Pro Will Work

Think you have connected public wifi network in near your area so this network have some connected other users if you have use wifikill you can block another person in the same network and using this network alone. It like any public network can manage with your opinion.

Features of wifikill Apk 2021 and wifikill pro

1. Check all wifi network list you logged

2. It will show data transfer speed

3. Lock users in the same network

4. Reduce data usage

5. Totally free download

6. Up to date

7. Show device name with connected in a network

8. Completable with tablets

9. Supported android newest versions

Download WifiKill Apk or Pro Versions 2021 Officially

We square measure provide Wifikill v2.3.4 latest release APK file formally

This release will compatible only with android 4+

Download Now

WifiKill Apk 2021 Versions


More info About Wifikill v2.3.3/2021 Apk Download Free

wifikill apk free 2021 is the fabulous tool for disabling connected users in the same wifi network it as any network can control with your Occupation. It will help you to surprise, anyone, with doing this work who will believe it?

How to Install Wifikill Apk

1. Download apk file given link in above (Note: it not have any harmful malware or any virus)

2. Go to phone setting and mark or tick “unknown source installation”

3. Browse the media store on the phone and found the downloaded file

4. Tap on the file and click access to install

5. Simple you have done installation!

How to Use Wifikill Apk

1. Connected with the network in your area

2. Open the wifikill pro or wifikill app (check the home screen to find shortcut)

3. Tap on the start button and it will be starting to search devices connected to this network

4. If you want to get rid of all connected users in you connect to a network

5. Click and move the “Grab All” button to the right

6. Click and Move the “Kill all: button to the right side

7. If you want to disable a practical user in a connected network

8. After search tap on the device ip name

9. Click and move the “grab all” and “kill all” button to the right

10. Now disable this user in connected internet connection

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All New Releases Features and Changelog In WifiKIll 2021

WifiKill Pro v2.3.4


1. Grab all users in connected wifi networks

2. Check byte transfer speed

3. Complete table with android 4+

4. Require root access

5. working with Ipad, tablet


1. Fix Deal with a No Portal found system insects

WifiKill Pro v2.3.4


2. Grab and kill all users

3. Disable any user in the same network

4. Completable with tablet devices

5. Only for android 4 upward

6. Root require

7. 2021 release


1. Improve all bad log with grab effectiveness

2. Fixed all kill issues with any users

3. Fix scrolling issue

4. Add a UDP protocol disable

5. One-click start

6. Visible grab and kill buttons

7. Fast working

Troubleshooting in Wifikill Full Apk

  1. v2.2 does not kill wifi

Check changing router or install any anti-virus program

2. Can use it with iOs?

iOs is limited and IFAIK so it not work with the apple phone

3. Pro version crack is work?

Recommend purchase pro version in the official website

4. Wifikill Don’t work at Starbucks?

Yes it will not work with Starbucks



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