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Top Shooting Games like pubg mobile for ios in 2021

Pubg Mobile is a most popular battle game because of its realistic graphics and smooth gameplay. It can run on both android and ios platforms. 

01) – Garena Free Fire : New Beginning

            Garena Free Fire is the best of Top Shooting Games list in 2021.well known fight royale game with lively mood. Free Fire has an incredible pool of characters for players to look over.

Garena free fire is a most known fight royale game with lively mood. Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (pubg) all players need to gather weapons and supplies when they land on the ground in a battle match. These matches keep going for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Download it here.

02) – ScarFall : Royale Combat 

The game is known for allowing players to respawn up to multiple times to stay on game. And a special thing is this gameplay has street vehicles like trains and helicopters.

Download it here.

03) – Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

If you are interested in playing shooting games with a sniper this game will definitely be the best one for you. This game has high quality graphics and it gives best gaming experience for players. There are lot of various weapons and mission levels that players can enjoy with finishing. 

04) – Call of Duty: Mobile

The fight royale method of COD Mobile will help players to remember the fight royale matches of PUBG Mobile. In a match, 100 players plunge into an island and battle to endure. 

There are numerous incredible weapons that players can use to get the best fighting experience. Also gamers can use multiplayer modes to play with others. 

Download it here.

05) – Battlelands Royale

The Royale Battlelands are often known as a Battle game for children because of their cartoon characters. it can only be 32 players in a match.

This game offers fun weapons to shoot enemies and most matches are the same as that of pubg mobile.

Download it here.


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