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The best photo editor app for iPhone and iPad “Darkroom”

Now. though it very harder to pick a good balance photo editor app for iPhone because there are many good and easy photo editing apps on the market. We think darkroom is given users the balance of power, good user interface, ease of use, and frequent updates. although the last major update was truly modified the app features.

When before opening the app”s icon is nicely designed it’s on the icon menu on the I phone menu..everything in the UI kit is very fluid, crisp, and very responsive.it gives the app a very elegant interface for users. especially this app is very small but gives great features

When you want t open the photo you need to tap on it then it will be opened. but there is no import feature, unlike other apps.it will read the photo in place. you can save the photo non-destructively or it can be saved as a copy of the copy.it will ease the making changes for the photo and making adjustments

One of the darkroom’s good features is its openness. Users can understand why and what has been changed and the difference. you have to know what does filters do in any editing app.

Filters are basically just the simple changes of lights, colors, and curve adjustments

The best photo editor app for iPhone and iPad “Darkroom”

Simple and best features of Darkroom

  • Universal and free

You can edit all the formats of photos in your life such as Live Photos, RAW images, and Portrait images offered for free, available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

  • It also a video editor

Users can color grade the video easily with all the photo effects.  However, all of the effects are compatible with photos

  • Edit from curves and selective color tools

The most usable color curves and selective tools on ios can use to edit photos and videos

  • Portrait blur edit feature

You can edit the background, the foreground of your portrait separately. you can customize the brightness, contrast, and blur level of the photo

  • Raw edit

Edit your full-resolution photo with absolute detail and recover the full range of the photo

  • Manage your full album

You can apply any action to affect your whole iCloud library

  • Create your own filters

Build a filter that you want from the scratch as same as professionals do

  • Don’t have to import photos

All of your gallery photos will available instantly.no need to import 

  • Batch processing

You can apply your edits for a batch of photos at once

  • SIRI shortcut and HASH tag manager

You can set Siri shortcuts to copy all hashtag  from any app 

  • Membership and subscription details

Your darkroom membership will automatically renew if you don’t turn it off at least 24 hours before the end of the  current period

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