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SP Flash Tool – All Sp Tools Download

Download the SP Flash Tool New Version v5. 2044

Why is SP Flash Tool the Best Android Flash Tool?

Sp flash tool is an application that can flash any custom stock ROM or any Android Smartphone in the world. This is a cross-platform smartphone so it will able to build images for a binary date to mediate devices and is compatible with windows xp and ubuntu. Yes, you are able to Download Sp Flash Tool application now.

Sp Tool v5.2044 – Latest All Versions

What is the Smart Phone Flash Tool

This application complies with windows xp 32 bit and ubuntu 10.4 so before download please check your computer operating system’s information. Do you have appropriate mediate chips or devices to get flash? Sp flash tool is the tool for doing this work amazing. It will flash any kind of stock ROM and firmware without giving bad effect or device crashes. Firmware update, flash recovery, and create image files are more features that are available in this as well. In addition, it can fix or improve performance bugs in android and boots speed operating system. SP flash tool’s latest version is 5.1648 and has other versions released recently. Also known as the Smartphone flash tool, the sp tool is the shortened main name. Get this important tool to download and start making custom ROM and flash your devices now.

Versions of SP Flash Tool – Download all Sp Flash Tool Versions

Sp flash tool latest version v5 2044

Download v5.2044

Features of Sp Tool

  • Flash any stock ROMs special mediate
  • Flash recovery
  • Upgrade/downgrade the firmware and uninstall and install system files
  • Fix low-speed bugs
  • Backup firmware
  • Backup personal data
  • And a whole lot more

How in Install SP Flash Tool to Windows

  • 1. Download tool with clicking download button |Download sp tool|
  • 2. Unzip the downloaded folder
  • 3. Open the folder you unzipped and double click in exe file
  • 4. Select the destination folder to install and click yes
  • 5. After you get the message it is successfully installed

How to Install SP Flash Tool to Linux – Ubuntu

1. Like as windows guide download tool first and unzip

2. Double click on the exe file after the folder is unzipped

3. Select the folder/file you want to install and continue

4.Finish Process now

Are you having trouble with the install of the Sp flash tool for Windows or Linux? Please check this video out and get an idea of how to troubleshoot this.

How to Use Sp Flash Tool to Flash Android – Basic Guide

Before to start flashing to your phone complete these requirements.

Requirements for Sp Flash Tool

1. Device to flash

2. Windows XP or Linux computer

3. USB cable (USB port type will depend on your devices)

4. Installed Sp flash tool application

How to use Sp Flash Tool

1. Lunch application you installed

2. Plug your device into your computer with a USB cable

3. Enable USB debugging mode in android device

4. Before flashing the device you need to scatter file from your device (you can create scatter file easy with the MTK droid tool)

5. Load your created scatter file (load scatter file) section

6. Now you can see your device’s firmware details on the application screen

7. Select what you need done ( firmware upgrade, download, or format)

8. And click the Download button

9. You will see a green correct mark after successfully completed

Versions of SP Flash Tool – Download all Sp Flash Tool Versions

1.Sp flash tool latest version v5.2044

2. v5.2036

3. v5.2032

4. v5.2028

5. v5.2020

6. v5.2016

Change Log In Latest Release

  • 1. Upgrade Devices
  • 2. Support with Linux 64 bit
  • 3. Fix all bugs for windows XP
  • 4. Direct download firmware in tools

Change Log In Latest Release

  • 1. Upgrade Devices
  • 2. Support with Linux 64 bit
  • 3. Fix all bugs for windows XP
  • 4. Direct download firmware in tools

Basic Troubleshooting in Sp Flash Tool

Q: Phone screen is white after flash

Ans: Your flashing ROM/Firmware is uncompleted please re-assign it and complete the process

Q: Application shows 0% remaining to process

Ans: You have not installed the driver correctly on the computer

Q: Scatter file never completed

Ans: try to save to a different location and rename it with another name




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