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Silent Circle – The Best safest way to work

Silent Circle is a popular end-to-end business enterprise solution for secure mobile communication. What does do this Silence Circle? Silent Circle is an encrypted communications corporation based in Washington DC. Silent Circle provides trustworthy communication services for mobile and desktop devices. Launched in 2012 by Gregg smith. You can get a brief idea about the Silent Circle here. 

Silent Phone serves because the software element of Silent Circle’s Enterprise Privacy Platform of devices, software, and services operating together to preserve you and your business secure and safe. 

Silent Circle - The Best safest way to work

Here you can communicate with others with full silence. Unlimited encrypted voice, messaging, file sharing, video with your community. And you can set up conference calls between your team. Here you can communicate privately with landline numbers and mobile numbers anywhere around the world. You can manage secure communications with your organization using these trusted security features. 



End-to-end encrypted and authenticate

This makes your conversations are 100% private and secure. So that you are connected only with your intended party. No one can listen to your conversations. Because all encryptions are done by your device. 

Also, there is a message redaction option that burns timers automatically redact messages after a customizable time duration. You can send messages, photos, voice messages, documents to multiple people at once. 

Silent Circle - The Best safest way to work

No New Hardware

Make steady calls with your current iOS and Android devices. There are no unique headsets or SIM cards. You do not want a single-cause phone. However, with Silent Phone, no new hardware is required. This is the really important thing. 


Silent Phone is simple to install and control in a company environment. So, it requires no end-user training. It supports SSO, SIEM systems, and maybe deployed through MDM. You and your crew can have a dedicated customer liaison and directly get entry to our fairly trained technical support staff.


Silent Circle protects brand names and enterprises, international NGOs, government agencies, and firms in such industries as law, defense, energy. You can get premium service with top-notch security. 

Data minimization

Silent Circle - The Best safest way to work

Silence Circle doesn’t track IP addresses. And it does not keep call logs and messages between users. Data storing is a great security risk. Also in here, they do not keep much data as possible. 

Features in text messaging and file transfers

There is an automatic message redaction option. In here your messages will delete on all devices after the burn timer has expired. And you can set the burn time between one minute to 3 months. However, You can choose a message for instant destruction at any time. And burning the message reasons it to be deleted from all devices of all events in the conversation. 

Silent Phone makes it quick and smooth to report and send a voice memo. However, these are excellent for sending quick thoughts while you are out and about. Voice memos offer a stable alternative to voicemail. Situational attention helps your group circulate faster. Silent Phone helps you to recognize when you send messages and once they read.

Security Words

Silent Circle - The Best safest way to work

Silent Phone’s Security Words placed you in control of your security. This specific system forms a “last line of defense” to maintain man-in-the-center attackers out of your communications. It’s simply one manner that we move the extra mile to shield our customers. Here are the three steps to make your calls extra secure.

For more information and additional questions or support click here to visit Silent Circle’s FAQ page. Click here to download the silent circle to your android device. 

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