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Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system

Enterprise-level encrypted voice, video, and messaging with silent phones

The Silent Circle is the leader in end-to-end enterprise solutions for secure mobile communication and the safest way to work in a good security system. More.

  • First, unlimited encrypted voice, video, messaging, file sharing, conference calls between team users.
  • Second, use Silent World to communicate privately with mobile and landline numbers around the world.
  • Third, deploy and manage secure communications throughout your organization with trusted corporate security features.

And also, you can see it looks like Whether you’re on the main road or working from home. The Silent Phone keeps you in touch and safe with your team. Importantly, it can be used on Android or iOS devices.

Features of Silent Circle Secure System

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Silent Circle is the safest way to work in a good security system

  • End-to-end encrypted & authenticated

First of all, mute the phone. Make the conversation 100% private. And contact only the desired participants. As all encryption is done on the device. Then no one can hear.

  • No new hardware

Secondly, use your existing iOS and Android devices for secure calls. Then there are no special headsets or SIM cards. You don’t need a dedicated phone because silent phones do not require new hardware.

  • Enterprise-ready

Also, Silent Phone is easy to deploy and manage in an enterprise environment. So no end-user training is required then It supports SSO and SIEM systems and can be deployed via MDM. And then you and your team will have a dedicated customer contact person, who will contact a well-trained technical support person directly.

  • Premium security

Importantly, this is the main point, Protects branded companies, international non-governmental organizations. And government agencies, companies in the defense, energy, and legal industries. To Silent Phone, you get advanced products with top-notch security.

  • Unlimited user to user calling and messaging

Clearly, Keep the conversation going anywhere in the world. Silent Phones can offer unlimited global calls and messages between users. But it is With no hidden or additional charges.

  • Data minimization

Stored data poses a security risk.

Then, this data minimization is providers keep as much Data as possible “Just in case”. Keep as little data as possible. It does now no longer track IP addresses or keep a record of calls and messages among users.

Silent Circle Secure voice and video calling

Furthermore, the best in the world begins with a private conversation. Silent calls allow teams to have a secure conversation between the ocean and the time zone. It is the safest way to work in a good security system.

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Silent Secure voice and video calling – Silent Circle

  • Global coverage

While the global coverage server network. Users can connect to their mobile phones wherever they want.

  • Safeword

Importantly, silent Phone’s powerful security words allow you to check your security.

  • HD quality

Hear the sound clearly through Silent Phone’s HD-quality audio and video.  Our technology ensures that privacy does not sacrifice call quality.

Text secure messaging and file transfer – Silent Circle

Moreover, the text should be as secure and short as a phone. As well as silent Phone’s Silent Text Messaging allows you to securely send messages, voice memos, documents, videos, images, and other files. Silent Circle is the safest way to work in a good security system.

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Text secure messaging and file transfer- Silent Circle

  • Automatic message editing

Automatic message editing is the write timer expires. Sent messages are automatically deleted on all devices. Burning time can be adjusted from 1 minute to 90 days.

  • Delete emails from both parties

You can choose the message you want to discard immediately at any time. And also, Writing a message deletes the message from all devices of all parties involved in the conversation.

  • One-click voice memo

This silent call will make it quick and easy to send voice memos and records. these features are great. Voice memos provide a secure alternative to voice mail.

  • Delivery and opening confirmation

Situational awareness helps your team move faster.

Makes team communication easier by Silent Circle

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Makes team communication easier

Mute calls enable secure teamwork through secure conference calls and secure group messaging. Then you would expect from Silent Circle, Then team communications are end-to-end encrypted.

  • Security conference call

Most conference call products mix conference audio in the cloud. Putting their secrets at risk. Mute calls can mix conferencing on your device. This allows Silent Phone to provide the same high level of end-to-end security. For conference calls as a one-to-one call.

  • Secure group messaging

Create a secure text channel for your entire team. To keep everyone on track. Secure group massaging is storing group messages in the cloud Then silent Phone keeps all content on your device. Protecting your team and their secrets.

  • Safe company list search

Simply search by name or email to connect with your team members. And also, muting a call makes it easier for team members to find each other.

  • Finding secure contacts

Send a call or message to a team member directly from the Phone Contacts app. The silent circle is simplifying finding secure contacts. It allows you to store your silent phone contacts on your roster.

Private calls to mobiles and landlines

Silent World allows travel directors to call anyone from anywhere. And also, Silent World expands access to your mobile phone. And also, allowing you to receive and receive private calls from your mobile phone or landline number.

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Private calls to mobiles and landlines

  • Protect your calls anytime, anywhere

Silent World allows Silent Phone applications to create and receive external phone numbers. In the world, all calls are steady to Silent Circle’s global community and accomplishing the recipient. And also, you may protect your calls anytime and anywhere.

  • Great for travel executives

The business does not wait for you. To return to the office then With increasing threats from malicious access points. And uncertainties in 5G security. Silent World keeps you safe on the go. wherever you are.

  • Range of international calls

Our plan includes calling to the most popular international destinations.

  • SS7 firewall

Whatever sophisticated businesses and government agencies are becoming more aware of the threat posed by the SS7 attack. That can jeopardize real-time location information. To protect the location and privacy of the team. Silent World phone numbers have been separated from the mobile SS7 network.

Deployment and management between companies

Following Silent Circle makes it easy to deploy. And manage even in complex enterprises.

Moreover, Silent Manager is a central tool used to deploy and manage secure communications within an organization. With single sign-on, remote wipe, virtual local deployment, and more, you have all the tools you need.

Exact Silent Circle is the safest way. It to work in a good security system.

Silent Circle is the safest way to work in good security system
Deployment and management between companies in Silent Circle

  • Advanced user management

However, with this Silent Manager, all user management is centralized in one place. You can add one user at a time. Or you can use a single sign-on to integrate. And also, with your existing corporate identity provider. To automatically add users. Advanced search and bulk updates make it easy to make changes.

  • Create and delegate a group

Silent Manager allows you to group users. However, you can appoint team leaders for each team. And also, delegate team management to these leaders.

  • Manage call plans

Silent World allows users to use Silent Phone to make and make calls to regular landlines. Silent Manager allows you to assign a plan to each user and track usage.


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