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Recuva Download for Android, Windows and ios Free

Recuva Download for Android, Windows, and ios Free

Tons of data have been generated throughout the world day by day Recuva Download. As the days are passing, the data keeps on increasing. It’s not only the case that we considered data only to be generated in offices which is a normal thought about it, but also through blogging, social networking, or even at home doing something. The data integrity cannot be compromised as it may have all the valuable information about you, your belongings or even the national security can be under question if the data is so important.

The data, including the storage, also need to be protected and this protection should be according to the standards set forth internationally. The data are mainly stored on servers if it is a bulk amount as in the case of social media. Therefore, there is a question about the safety and integrity of those servers. The data loss can have drastic effects on you as well as the whole community related to that data. So in modern days, we tend to have a data backup at least so that if something goes wrong with the data, at least you have the backup for it and this is where Recuva comes in. Recuva download is what you need to have your data backup and safety issues resolved. Sometimes, you accidentally or intentionally removes some files and then you remember the importance of those files. In such a case, Recuva is of much worth than one could have thought.

A word about Recuva Download

Recuva is a data recovery tool that is used to recover accidental or intentionally recover lost files in the most efficient manner. This is the best in its field. It is a recovery program for Windows. The thing which made these tools better than others is that it also recovers those files which are permanently deleted from the system and marked as free space by the operating system. Isn’t it brilliant? Moreover, not only the operating system, but this program can also be used to recover lost data or files from USB, memory cards, or MP3 players.

How does Recuva Works?

The data recovery programs or tools often work on the principle of looking for unreferenced data present. The same is the case with this tool. It also works by looking for unreferenced data present in the operating system. Sometimes, it can happen that the operating system has already overwritten some data over the lost file so in such cases, it becomes difficult for the tools to recover for lost files and data. But in any case, this tool is your best possible chance of data recovery.

Why you need a third-party tool for file recovery?

When you delete files from windows, it usually goes into the trash can on your desktop. If you delete files from there, then the file is permanently deleted from your system. Windows do not have the capability to recover the file which is removed permanently from your system. It means that in such cases, you need a third-party tool to get back what you have lost. This is where Recuva comes in. As it’s always worth keeping file recovery software installed on your computer, but it’s a tool you may rarely use, commercial file recovery software may be out of the question.

What is the science of File deletion?

The fact is that when a file is deleted from a server or hard drive, it is not deleted immediately and permanently. It is marked as empty space by the operating system. This space is available for some other files to be overwritten. This is where the chances of file recovery are prominent. The means by which files are deleted is not important. The files can be deleted by viruses, by intentions, or by accident, in each case file can be recovered efficiently by the file recovery software. One thing important to know for users is that they guarantee that a file can be efficiently recovered cannot be given owing to different circumstances. These circumstances and factors include time and other different things. But the best possible chance of doing recovery is through Recuva by having Recuva download in your operating system.

Recuva Portable

Recuva has another advantage over its predecessors that it is also available in the portable version which is named Recuva download portable. This version requires and runs without having the installation process. It also not requires the availability of the internet. It can be taken in the USB to wherever you want and wish to use it. Absolutely no traces of its usage will be left on your PC. Owing to this feature, it can be safely said that it is the most ideal tool available presently for data recovery.


What are the Pros and Cons of Recuva?

Like any other tool or app, Recuva also has certain pros and cons. These pros and cons are the major reason for its popularity among its users. They are thoroughly explained below.

Recuva and its Pros

  • Any user of a software or tool wants at least one feature in the tool which is the ease of operating it and fortunately, Recuva is the one that has this feature. The front end is made very easy to handle by people.
  • The interfaces of Recuva are made user compatible, so no problem can be faced by the users of having it used.
  • The size of the exe file which is downloaded from the web is quite small, so there are no issues of download taking more time than expected.
  • The portable version of Recuva has made it the automatic choice for the users seeking to have their lost files back. This version is named Recuva download Portable.
  • It is made in compliance with and compatible with all the present windows platforms which made it easily usable. Not only has that it contained a simple wizard and many other options.

Recuva and its cons

  • There are certain non-recommended sites that offer Recuva free download. When you download Recuva from these sites, there are high chances of many unwanted things to be downloaded along with it.
  • The site from where you download it has a confusing interface which can lead you to think.
  • Recuva can’t delete secure certain small files that are of zero byte length.

Supported Devices

In modern days, compatibleness is considered the most important feature of any software or tool. If the software is compatible according to modern-day standards, then the chances of its success will surely be high, but if it’s not then the software is not of much worth. In the case of Recuva, it has been made compatible with the major operating systems and devices to provide the users with the best experience possible. The following are the supported devices for Recuva.

  • iPod
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod Shuffle
  • Apple FairPlay DRM
  • Windows
  • Mac

This ensures that the users of every operating system or device get equal priority to enjoy the services of Recuva.

Updates of Recuva

Any software needs to be validated and updated regularly in order to meet the standards of software integrity and other things. These updates are necessary because it keeps the software version compatible with the latest improvements being made. Recuva should be regularly updated so that you may not face any problem while recovering your valuable files. One thing which the user should consider that you can check for updates only when you are in an advance mode not in any other state. You just need to click on check for updates and then Recuva software will tell you whether you have the latest version of the software or not.

Known issues of Recuva

Recuva has certain issues as well, which can be resolved. These issues are written here:

  • In Recuva’s options, you do not see options for any languages other than English. Recuva can only have one language other than English installed at any time. More than one arent supported.
  • Recuva Software sometimes cannot recover all files. This can happen due to the fact that Windows has overwritten the area where the file resides or used to be, or sometimes the file too corrupted that it cannot be recovered.
  • The files which you have securely deleted using Recuva cannot be recovered. They are gone for good permanently like the files deleted using certain special software.

Troubleshooting Problems

  • In order to recover a word file what you can try is that you can export the file, extract the raw text, or use a word text converter. These are some tricks of recovering a word file or document.
  • If a specific file is not found what you can do is that you can list all files in the recycle bin and then sort by the last modified date or the file size.
  • Sometimes, it happens that Recuva does not overwrite file names for the files that are securely deleted, but it can overwrite the content only.

About Developers

Recuva is developed by Piriform and was released in 2007. Piriformis a private software company based in London, UK. It has the expertise to develop cleaning and optimization software for some of the operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Android as well. Download Recuva from Official Website.




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