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ProofHub: All-in-One Project Planning Software

ProofHub is an amazing project planning software that helps you to manage your projects on companies. Most projects usually fail because of four main reasons. The first one is the weak plans and no good plans in place. And the second one is ongoing collaboration issues. The third one is an unorganized structure for files and documents. And the last one is no reporting tools in place to keep a track of things. Proofhub is the best thing to solve those questions. Here is a brief discussion about proofHub.

ProofHub offers teams of all sizes a centralized workspace for task lists, workflows, Gantt charts, calendars, documents, and more. Here it has all the correct tools that one needs to better plan the projects, collaborate seamlessly with clients and teams, keeping documents and files organized and insightful and beautiful reports. So that you could maintain an eagle eye on the general progress. 

But what makes ProofHub different? Along with all the super-useful tools. You can review and approve files and documents, each manager gets super-powers to stay on top of whatever is happening within the projects, smooth chat, and more. ProofHub runs in the cloud, which means that there’s not anything to put in everything is backed up. It back-ups automatically and it is completely secure. And, it also connects with other popular apps like file storage, accounting, invoicing software, and many more. So, that’s ProofHub and we’re excited for you to try a new way to plan, collaborate, organize and successfully deliver projects on time.

ProofHub: All-in-One Project Planning Software


Table View

Plan and present task-related information in a well-organized manner. Assign tasks, share important information, and capture each step of the project in a single place. Get a clear concept of what needs to be done, which task is a priority. Effective sorting and grouping provide you with the power to set up your work simply in the manner you like.

Kanban Boards

Divide responsibilities into workflow levels of your preference and determine who works on what part. Empower teams to self-control with a better understanding of workflows as they get notified of responsibilities moving from one level to another.

Gantt Charts

Plan and visualize how pieces of your project fit collectively in a timeline view. Don’t allow important duties to get delayed and modify your plans as work modifications and deadlines shift the smarter manner with project dependencies in the Gantt chart.

ProofHub: All-in-One Project Planning Software


Stay at the top of your schedule with ordinary tasks, automated reminders, and a couple of calendar views. Merge your ProofHub calendar with those you typically use and keep away from regarding a couple of calendars with ProofHub.

Custom Roles

Define custom roles and stay ultimate manage of who receives access to what in step with your organizational workflow, making the most of ProofHub’s online task management tool.


You can get solutions to where’s the team’s time going, what are the billable hours of projects, or even if everybody kept track of the time spent on tasks each manually and using timers.


ProofHub: All-in-One Project Planning Software

There are so many languages for your own choice. Set language from English, French, Polish, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. And communicate with clients and teammates in the language that you want. This is a cool feature that easy to communicate with when working with foreign clients.


Get exact resources and undertaking reviews in a single click. Create custom reviews with the parameters of your preference and visualize the general project and useful resource development to devise ahead and make the most of ProofHub’s online project management tool.

And there are so many outstanding features in this project managing software.Log in using your current ProofHub account or be part of 85000+ teams and businesses which might be capable of conveying their plans, tasks, projects, files, communication, and more, in a single shared area by signing up for ProofHub. You can download the proof hub application for your android device from here.

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