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PlayStation Plus free games February 2021

Officially playstation announced about Free PlayStation Plus games for February with PS5 exclusives. PlayStation Blog says: “Next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup is all about creativity. Dazzle the crowds with creative chaos as you run, ram, and slam in the vehicular combat of Destruction AllStars, showcase your artistic side and get inventive with supernatural abilities in order to save your skin in Control.”

This is what we can expect from the games on this offer.

1.) Destruction AllStars (PS5)

If you ever felt the Burnout series going to be a great sporting event that would fill the arena, Destruction AllStars might be for you. This one puts players behind the wheel of vehicles as they play and instructs them to deal as much damage as possible across four different game modes. Use time, tactics and even parkour to outsmart your enemies and become the top of the Global Federation of Destruction.

So if you are already using a next generation computer, you will have access to the new version until April 5, but unfortunately it will not be available for PS4 players.

2.) Concrete Genie (PS4)

Concrete Genie will turn you into beautiful Banksy and arm you with brushes and some magic paint to return the polluted town of Denska to its former glory. The genies you make with Living Paint will help you solve various in-game puzzles and help you clear the streets. If you’re a VR fan, there are two special modes you can use to unleash your creativity around the world.

3.) Control: Ultimate Edition (PS4 and PS5)

Controls is Game of the Year 2019 from Gamesradar, and the Ultimate Edition, which includes an incredible expansion, only adds to that success. With unique weapons and some great skills, you’ll take the role of Jesse Faden and explore the interior of the Federal Office for Escher.


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