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MTK Droid Tool v2.5.3 Free Download

MTK Droid Tool v2.5.3 Free Download

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What is the MTK Droid Tool?

MTK Droid Tool is a free small tool download for completing awesome tasks. It’s special made to mediate devices so you can create scatter files to mediate devices and fully backup stock firmware into your devices. As well you can also make an advanced recovery, system backup, and root devices. It will able to install up in android 4.4 also, KTKDroid and will only be supported for MediaTek CPU MT65XX. Check your device’s code and CPU codes before trying to install MTK Droid.

MTKDroid v. 2.4.3 – Latest All Versions

MTK Droid Tool 

How to Use the MTK Droid Tool

MTKDroid is only supported mediate CPU so remember this before starting. Check those qualifications and continue to install the MTKDroid tool.

Mediatek CPU supported

  • COMPATIBLE with CPU MediaTek MT65xx (ex. MT6572/MT6590/MT6591)
  • COMPATIBLE with old CPU version (MT6582/MT6579/MT6582)
  • Maybe not compatible with recent CU MT65xx (like MT6581)
  • DON’T TRY with new CPU like MediaTek MT67xx (MT6742etc)
  • DON’T TRY with Android OS 5.0 and higher (5.0/5.1/6.0/7.0)
  • Please DON’T TRY with a CPU that is not MediaTek

Supported Android OS

  • This tool is COMPATIBLE with android 4.4
  • MTKDroid NOT COMPATIBLE with android 5x or higher

ROM Sizes Supported

  • Not COMPATIBLE with 512 bytes/sectors

How to Install MTK Droid Tool

  • 1. Enable android os developer option
  • 2. Go to Setting >> Device Info >> tap on the 7/8 times in a model number
  • 3. After shows the android developer screen you have successfully enable developer mode
  • 4. Enable USM Debug mode

If you have already installed ADB device drivers your device will detect on the windows device manager and if not you can install the ADB device tool and fix this error. Click Here to Download Example of the Developer Setting USB Debug mode to enable:

Features of MTK Droid Tool

  • 1. Root Android
  • 2. Backup Recovery
  • 3. Backup stock Firmware
  • 4. Create scatter files
  • 5. EMEI customization

MDK Droid Tool Download – v2.5.3

Release Date 01.09.2016

Download v2.5.3 Other Versions

How to Root Any MTK Devices with MTK Droid Tool


1. ADB Drivers tool

2. MTK Droid Tool

3. Sp Flash Tool

4. SuperSu Tool

5. USB Cable (It will depend on your device)

6. Working Windows Computer

After you get all those things and can start the root MTK Devices

How to Do:

1. Double click on the MTK tool and lunch it

2. Click on the block map button

3. After it shows block map info window then click Create Scatter File (Save your created scatter file in desktop and minimize droid tool)

4. Open the SpFlash tool with double click on download .exe

5. Load your created scatter file using droid tool into splash program

6. Click on the Readback Menu >> Choose Add

7. Create a new folder on the desktop with an easy name such as (my MKT ROM)

8. Double click on the blue bar you see in spflash then select create a folder on the desktop

9. Now you will get a pop-up window so make it type “hex” and start address need 0x000000

10. Get back mtkdroid and see what the last 8 code were in block maps without the first two zeros

11. Get rid of USB cable from the phone and disconnect with pc

12. Turn Off Mobile phone (Recommended to remove battery)

13. In SPflash tool click on the readback again and connect your mobile phone with your pc

14. Waiting for the readback process to complete.

15. Once successfully completed read back is shown as a green circle with the correct mark.

16. Now disconnect your mobile phone from pc.

17. Open Droid tool and click on the root backup and choose “process file rom with spflash”

18. Then select to save ROM file in spflash.

19. After you select the right to file a pop-up window will ask “To make CWM recovery automatically” mark this yes.

20. Waiting until all files are copied.

21. Time to make a location for cwm recovery. Open Droid tool folder download >> open backup folder >> open the folder with your device’s name

22. There will be two recoveries in the folder.

23. Copy the one with your device name.

24. Go to spflash tool again.

25. Load the scatter file you used earlier.

26. Click on the path and paste your copied recovery file here.

27. Power off the device and click on the download button, now you can see a green circle with a successful message.

28. Power on device and connect with pc and open device storage.

29. Download SuperSu given above.

30. Copy download file to root directories in sd card.

31. Now reboot the phone into recovery.

32. Select install zip from sd card and select copy supersu zip.

33. All done you have successfully rooted your MTK device.

MTK Droid Program History and Change log

– MTKDroid v. 2.4.3

– MTKdroid v. 2.4.4 / v. 2.4.5

– MTKDroid v. 2.4.6

– MTKDroid v. 2.4.7

– MTKDroid v. 2.4.8

– MTKDRoid v. 2.5.1




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