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Latest Zoom Update new features for ios and iMac

People stuck in their homes because of the covid-19 pandemic. No chance to get-together, no conference, no working, no schools, and nothing can do because of this situation. Zoom meeting is the best solution to overcome this situation. Everyone knows zoom is a great platform for virtual meetings, conferences. Also, this is good for children to connect with their teachers.

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Zoom is one of the most downloaded applications in 2020. More than 500 million users use this software now. There is good news for zoom users. Zoom will release their latest update on February first week 2021. 

For Windows users, there are two types of downloads called Manual and prompted. In the prompted important download with useful feature enhancements and critical bug fixes. It will automatically download or prompt the user to download when there is no meeting in-progress.

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Updated Features 

 Enhanced and relocated attendee view controls for webinars 

This is a big option to drive particular video layouts to webinar attendees moved from the participant’s list to the view options button where located in the top-right corner of the primary video window. Those layout options stick to Host’s view, Gallery, Speaker. Now include side-by-side Gallery and side-by-side speaker while content sharing. Now supported custom gallery view orders as well. Webinar attendees no longer can control their view of the webinar. Also cannot give the host and co-host exclusive control.

 Now we can Block or Allow only participants from specific regions.

This is a good new feature in zoom meetings. We can approve or deny users from each country in this feature. This will be available at advanced options. 

View synced contacts in sub-folders

In this feature, users can set up contacts integration and their contacts are organized into sub-folder in third-party services such as Google and Outlook. They can view sub-folders in the contacts directory. 

Rotate Camera Option

macOS users can rotate their camera video feed 90 degrees. This can be done numerous times to completely flip the video.

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Blurred Background

Now users can blur their background quite selecting a specific virtual background.

Phone features

Users can send and receive SMS for certain international countries. But this feature must to enabled by an admin. This is a good option in this zoom update 2021. Uses can setup their ringtone instead of beeping sound. Group call pickup is another new feature. Admins and account owners can use the web portals to set up call pickups. This feature will also support Yealink devices. 

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Chat features

The cap potential to go back as much as the preceding chat channel or contact, also, to move forward. This lets you reply to a pressing request or message, then fast go back to the channel you have been formerly operating in with no need to look for it amongst others.

When creating a brand new channel or including contacts to a channel, a contact request could be routinely sent if the related email isn’t already in the current contact. Upon accepting the request, that contact will routinely deliver to the channel. These pending requests also can be removed, and the requester could be notified while the request has been accepted.

There are so many issues that will resolve in this zoom update. Resolved issues such as security enhancements, minor bugs. Also resolved the issue with the green tint on users’ videos seen by other users.


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