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JIGS’ Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more in 2021

JIGS’ Free Fire Stats and performance

Jigar Patel (also known as JIGS) is a popular Free Fire YouTuber in India. He is famous for his gaming performance in battle royale game. JIGS is also responsible for the well-known guild BOSS, and the main members of the guild include SK Sabir Boss and other YouTube users.At the time of writing this article, his YouTube channel JIGS OFFICIAL has 791,000 subscribers.

In this article, shows you his Free Fire ID, stats, K / D ratio, and other details.

JIGS’ Free Fire ID and stats

JIGS’ Free Fire ID is 497887030.

Lifetime stats

JIGS participated in 11866 team games, winning 4460, with a winning percentage of 37.58%. In these games, 36,470 people died and the K / D ratio was 4.92. The content creator has won 38 of the 180 two-player games he played. This means a 21.11% win rate. In this mode, he bagged 447 fragments with a K / D ratio of 3/15.

JIGS also participated in 84 individual matches, won nine Booyah matches and maintained a 10.71% win rate. The K / D ratio is 1.41. In these games he was killed 106 times.

Ranked stats

In the current ranking season, JIGS played 181 team games with 43 wins with a 23.75% win rate. In this mode, he scored 439 kills at a K / D rate of 3/18.

Note to consider , The statistics for this article were recorded at the time of writing. As content creators continue to play more games on Free Fire, they can change.

This is JIGS youtube channel.

JIGS started creating content on YouTube six months ago, and the oldest video on that channel was released in August 2020. He currently has 56 videos on the channel with 24.5 million totally views. As mentioned earlier, he has 791k subscribers. Click here to access his YouTube channel.

social media accounts


Here are the links to JIGS’ social media profiles:

Instagram: Click here

Discord server: Click here


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