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HUAWEI Books—eBooks, Audiobooks, and more

Huawei Books is a very important application for everyone who loves to read. This is a great solution for busy bookworms. Reading gives you new ideas to think, New knowledge, and it improves your reading ability. We cant take lots of books when we travel somewhere. Huawei Book is a good solution for this matter. Because it is a portable library. Not only e-books but also audiobooks also in here. Let’s discover more things about Huawei Books.

Huawei Books Classics

HUAWEI Books—eBooks, Audiobooks, and more

Huawei Books is Huawei’s official reader app. Classics is the place to read Old hits. You can read literature books of famous writers and poets. There is a big collection of literature books such as Jane Eyer, The Hobbit, Geat expectations, Oliver Twister, and more. There are Philosophy books of great philosophers in the world. History books and Old art books also in Huawei’s Classics.

Online Novels

Just go and search for books that you want. Huawei will give them to read you for free. There are Romance, Mystery, Young Adult books here. This is amazing for bookworms. 

Reading Experience

It is really easy to read books here. Classic typeset gives an amazing experience to readers. Users can customize fonts as they want. Also, users can resize font size and background colors. And there are more features in this application.

HUAWEI Books—eBooks, Audiobooks, and more

Eye protection

Yeah, Huawei thinks always about their customer’s health. They bring you an eye comfort mode for the protection of your eyes. There are simple modes and night modes for maximum reading comfort. This will switch your reader to full reading convenience with eye safety mode.


HUAWEI Books—eBooks, Audiobooks, and more

Share your books with other devices that you using the same Huawei ID. You can start reading from your Huawei notebook and finish it from your Huawei mobile. Also, you can share reading progress and all thoughts across all your devices. This is a cool feature that other ebook apps don’t offers.

Users can experience Bookstore, Bookshelf, and a detailed page UI. So users can easily read books and experience these features live. Users can imp[ort locally through intelligent scanning. Simply you can do it by pressing one button. Huawei books will automatically categorize books at one glance. This app will automatically sync to cloud data. In the latest update, users can use the text to speech option. Now it available in English, Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian. Also, you can have redeemed codes and coupon codes for purchase premium E-books. This will gives you an amazing reading experience you. 

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