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How to Increase your Laptop Battery Life – Tricks and facts

If you are looking to reduce your laptop’s power consumption, this article is for you. Most people and students do work from home. So everyone needs to save their laptop power. Modern generation laptops are more efficient than their forerunners. Some laptops can hold more than 8 hours with a single charge. This will helps you to save more battery life. How to increase your laptop battery life? Hold tight!

 Use Windows Battery Performance Slider

Windows Battery Performance Slider

There are good features in the battery performance slider in Windows 10. Its purpose is to group all settings that affect battery life into several easy-to-understand categories. Your battery performance will depend on your laptop brand. But these tips will help to save more power. There are four modes in the windows battery performance slider. 

Best Performance mode

This mode is for those who want to sacrifice battery life for hard works and responsiveness. Windows will not prevent background applications from consuming a lot of power in this mode.

Better Performance mode

Better performance mode consumes energy, but this mode limits power for background apps. But still, you can use this mode for your hard works such as video editing. 

Better Battery mode

This is the default mode in most laptops. You can save power in this mode for a long period.

Battery Saver mode 

Windows Battery Performance Slider

Power Saving Mode, a slider that only appears when your computer is off, lowers the screen brightness to 30 percent, prevents Windows updates from downloading, stops email app syncing, and pauses most apps in the background.

How to Increase your Laptop Battery life?

How to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

Close unwanted apps and use Airplane mode

On the other hand, if you’re writing a novel or playing a video file locally and don’t need to be distracted by notifications, you can turn on the battery saver. It’s a good idea to set up your laptop in a more economical way, like sticking to one app at a time and shutting down everything else when you’re not using it.


In addition to closing other programs while a task is running, consider turning on Airplane mode in Windows or turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in macOS if you know you will be editing documents without access. Web. Airplane mode eliminates the main source of battery drain – the wireless radios themselves, as well as the apps and background processes that constantly use them, such as push notifications and updates.

Close high power consumption apps

Close all unwanted high-power consuming apps such as Xbox game bar, Adobe reader, Spotify, and others. Because background processing apps need RAM. You can easily stop them from Task Manager. 

Give some attention to your Battery

Laptop Battery saving tips

All batteries lose their ability to charge over time and will eventually need to be replaced. It is always a good idea to regularly check the condition of the battery. To get the equivalent battery status indicator in Windows 10, you need to roll up your sleeves and step into the world of the Command Prompt. We will bring a complete guide on how to generate a Windows battery charge report.

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