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Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Flowx is not a regular weather Map application. It visualizes the forecast anywhere in the world.  Flowx shines as a weeklong forecast. So that you can plan the best time for that weekend hike. Flowx also downloads with the location detection option turned off. So you are safe as well. But Flowx is only available for Android devices currently. Here are brief details about the Flowx forecast app.



Move your finger throughout the display to control the forecast animation over time. Select the information on your needs from 30+ data types and 20 forecast models. And also track radar reflectivity, sand and moonrise, and hurricane tracks. Flox is a very useful app for fishermen, sailors, sportsmen who fishing, surfing, sailing. And it works cycling, hiking, photography, storm tracking, or anyone interested in weather.

Here you can check the direction of wind blows. You can detect temperature, humidity, and pressure from this app. Also if you want to take details about waves and clouds Flowx is the best app for that. Because you can check them easily from this application.

Flowx collects data from global and United states sources Such as NOAA GFS (FV3), NOAA NWW3, CMC GDPS, and more. This is the main reason for the accuracy of Flowx. Here is a list that they use as a data source.  

  • NOAA GFS (FV3) – Global
  • NOAA NWW3 – Global
  • CMC GDPS – Global
  • CMC GDWPS – Global
  • NOAA HYSPLIT Smoke Data – Continental USA
  • NOAA HRRR Smoke Data (Experimental) – Continental USA
  • CAMS Air Quality/UV Index – Global
  • Storm/Hurricane Tracks (NOAA & CMC) – international tropical storms
  • Sunrise/set and Moonrise/set

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

There are two packages in this application. In pro, they limited some of the features they offer. They Use the main viewer radar of 82 countries to collect details about rain.  Here is a list that they use in pro.

  • RainViewer Radar – 82 countries
  • NOAA HRRR – Continental USA
  • NOAA RTOFS Ocean Model – Global
  • DWD ICON – Global
  • DWD ICON-EU – Europe
  • MeteoFrance ARPEGE – Europe
  • MeteoFrance AROME – France
  • European Consortium HIRLAM – Europe
  • DWD ICON-D2 – Germany
  • CMC RDPS – Canada, USA (incl. Alaska), Greenland, Iceland
  • CMC HRDPS – Canada
  • KNMI HARMONIE 2.5km- Netherlands
  • KNMI HARMONIE 5km – Europe/UK
  • Expedition Marine 1km/3km/9km – Various marine locations

Special stuff in the app

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

Use your finger to control the animations of the forecast over time. And choose multiple data layers to display on the map. View the week’s weather forecast statistics at a glance. Choose from a selection of graphs and use the ‘evaluate function’ to view all statistics sources at once. Animated wind streamlines can show the direction of the wind and the speed it. 

Wavefront lines help to find the direction of waves.  There is a widget option that helps you to display multiple graphs. Also, widgets can resize easily as you want. 

Pro features

Flowx: Weather Map Forecast

The 16-day forecast option is available in the pro version of this application. Here you can view up to sixteen days forecast. 3-day hindcast can view historical hindcast and radar up to 3 days. And also can customize the graphs as you want by selecting data types. There are so many map options in the pro version. There is a travel mode that automatically updates the forecast wherever you are on the earth.

Users can use this FLowx: Weather Map Forecast app offline after updating the data. After that, you can use the FLow without the internet.

There are simple permissions required to rn this app such as location and storage. Try Flowx to visualize the forecast and gain some knowledge about weather systems around the world. You can try Flox by simply clicking here. Unfortunately, this is not currently available for iOS devices. Flowx will available for apple soon.

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