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Five Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android and iOS

Looking for a good guitar tuner app? This article is for you. Some so many people love to play guitars. We need to tune the guitar to get a quality output of what you are playing. In past, people used manual guitar tuners. But now it is on our smartphones as an app. There are so many guitar tuner apps. What are the best guitar tuner apps? Scroll down to see them.

Five Best Guitar Tuner Apps 


Best Guitar Tuner Apps

GuitarTuna is the first on the list. You can download it to your android phone or iPhone. GuitarTuna is a widely downloaded application. There are more than 100M+ downloads in the Google play store. You can tune your guitar, Bass guitar, Ukulele, and other string instruments.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps

GuitarTuna is simple and easy to use. Also, work with both acoustic and electric guitars. This is perfect for beginners. There are some advanced features in this application. The metronome can change the tempo and beat manually to practice. And there are chord games to practice simple to advanced guitar chords. There is a chord library that you can find any chord diagram easily. Here you can download both ios and android apps.

Fender Tune

Best Guitar Tuner Apps

Fender Tuner is a feature-packed application. You can use its auto, manual, chromatic, and pro modes. There is a practice toolkit. So, users can change their drumbeat and play for it. There are more than 5000 guitar chords that you can drag to diagram before you play. Also, there is a tutorial with 8 videos to guide you to use the app. This app doesn’t contain ads. Download Fender Tune to your iOS and Android device today.  


Pitched Tuner


You can get instrumental tuning modes and chromatic modes in Pitched Tuner. This app is free to use. And this is available for both iOS and Android devices. There is a needle to measure the frequency. You can customize the application theme to light, dark, and black.  Here you can tune your violin, mandolin, flute, ukulele, and more. Get this app to your iPhone or Android today.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps

Guitar Tuner Pro

Guitar Tuner Pro is a user-friendly guitar tuner app that you can easily tune your guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and more. Also, there is a chromatic tuner for all instruments. You can visualize chords when you are playing. The library has more than 2600 chords. Download it now for your android device.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps

Tuner – gStrings Free

gStrings is a chromatic tuner that you can tune any string instrument easily. It is super easy to use. It supports user-defined custom tunings. You can change the theme of the application. There are 10 Million + downloads and more than 200K reviews in the Google play store. Download it now to your android device.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps
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