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Evil Genius 2 Review

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

The evil genius 2 sounds zany and ready in the concept: You control a manic man who tries to take over the world by building an extensive base full of disposable minions and divertable traps.

In addition, everything is involved in elegant audio and visual riffs in 60-year-old films. This was also the same launch as its predecessor (which was launched in 2004), but the sequel takes advantage of new features and technology to carry the concept to a modern audience.

I reviewed the first evil genius for the game report, but you do not need any familiarity with the first game to understand this. In fact, the evil genius 2 hits so many similar notes that you probably enjoy it more if you enter it fresh.

But regardless of your previous experience, the evil genius 2 shines brighter during the opening tutorial. Little by little, introduce a matrix of different options for its base, as an inner Santito with its impressive throne, and the ability to train the guards to defend their runners.

This constant unlocking of devices to build and subordinates to train, left me excited about the trajectory of my lair and how my operation eventually expanded. Unfortunately, once all types of basic rooms are available, all plateaus; You spend most of your time performing slight variations in the same repetitive tasks.

The main campaign is a series of missions that take it through the process of conquering the world (each of the four geniuses available has a unique doomsday device, which I like). But instead of the schemes of hatching within the schemes, the limited mechanics of the evil genius 2 causes each mission to feel like before.

He can only organize “capture someone, investigate something, train someone, build something” in many different ways before they begin to bleed together.

When you are not chasing formal goals, you are usually trying to get more of something. You need more energy for your clamping cells. He needs more traps to defend himself from the infiltrant agents.

You need more transmission force to update your criminal networks. This type of ramp can be expected from a strategy game. but the problem is that the few of these improvements result in interesting changes in their routine.

They simply feel like numbers that go up without significant effect. And the updates that make the difference (such as the minions that automatically attack the intruders, or be able to cut the hard stone) are not available until many hours beyond the point. Recognize the need of them. They are still nice when you get them, but the stimulation of progression feels extraverted.


  • Construct a lair, command your henchmen, and take over the world as a criminal mastermind


  • Expressive animations look great when you zoom in close, but you’re usually looking everything from a distance


  • The music expertly captures the ‘60s spy-movie aesthetic. It would be the best part of the whole game if there were a wider variety of tracks


  • Navigating the menus feels natural with time, but poor minion A.I. and a few unclear requirements makes the simulation feel unresponsive to your commands.


  • Managing your base and bossing people around can be fun, but that simple joy is often obscured by layers of repetition.


  • Moderate


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