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Cyberpunk 2077 Review (2021)

It’s been few weeks since the official release of Cyberpunk 2077. In the initial impression, I wrote that I was ready to let everyone – the developers of CD Projekt Red, the studio’s PR staff, the fans – stop talking about the game. and let me play. I’ve been playing the game steadily since its release, but a few weeks later, there seems to be almost no room in the conversation to talk about the game itself.

At the same time, the discussion about the game is just as disastrous as the game’s launch. Some fans hated and harassed critics with low scores or pointed out that the game gave them epileptic seizures, then changed the post-launch tune to bombard critics with hate and harassment because the score was too high.

In the post-launch period, most consoles did not perform well. So there are bugs and crashes that allow CDR refunds. This announcement is actually a study that tells players that they can bring them back and get their hands on the console and installation case. In addition to offering a refund, Sony has taken a big step and removed the game entirely from the PlayStation Store.

Many game makers have been disappointing when compared to the lack of promised features and what CDPR has been advertising for years. The conflict between CDPR’s executives, investors, executives and employees is a deliberate ignorance and intention to cover up poorly managed projects, unrealistic sets of expectations, and bad games.

I always wanted to see what the developers thought was the main problem, so I chose the game’s natural difficulty level. Indeed, the cyberpunk ideal is very simple. The enemy’s AI is dramatically unintended, so you can get away from the slow left and right games you’ll notice again and again as you try to hide. Enemies take time to really notice you, a meter that shows how long your eyeball lasts. You can turn the meters or run away from them (when they are still there). Metal Gear Solid does not.

There is a lot of work to be done to customize your character to improve combat power and technical efficiency, and improve your arms, legs, immune system, etc. But I just skipped everything because I never had to. If the AI ​​is smarter or the main task of the game is more demanding.

If you are using a high-end PC or a next-gen console equipped with a powerful GPU, you can experience the night market and its mission. As beautiful as the still images in the city (or from the car when I was a driver near the city), however, the games I played did not unfold as early and often smoothly, eliminating any opportunity to immerse myself in it. In the end, the “Cyberpunk 2077” I played looked more like a YouTuber video game cipher channel (made fun in a buggy game) than a presumed Game of the Year nomination on the market.

If you are too excited to explore the vast and beautiful world of Cyberpunk 2077, you will indeed collapse. Specifically, if you’re running or driving fast in a city, you’ll see a slow drop in the game’s frame rate, which is best described as less visually appealing. And the situation worsens.


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