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coreSpecs – Sensors / CPU / GPU / RAM Tool

CoreSpecs is an amazing application detail everything about your Android device. This amazing application can check available sensors on your device. You can get brief information about all sensors. And you can get complete information about device battery, memory, storage, display, and more. Let’s discover more information about  CoreSpecs.

Track your sensors

coreSpecs - Sensors / CPU / GPU / RAM Tool

CoreSpecs can track your sensors anytime easily. you can check for sensors that not working properly. Get detailed info about the Light sensor, pressure, Heart rate sensor, and more. Here is a list that this tool can check.

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Light sensor
  • Gravity
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Rotation Vector
  • Heart Rate and Heart Beat
  •  Proximity Sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Motion detector
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Face detector

Device Info

You can check device name, device type, root status from this application. And You can easily get info about sim card details and connection details. And also check the Current Network and IP Address from here. Also in here are some other details this app can check easily.

coreSpecs - Sensors / CPU / GPU / RAM Tool

  • Brand
  • MotherBoard
  • Bootloader
  • Build Host
  • Build Tags
  • Code name Build version 
  • incremental of Build version
  • Build version released
  • Display version 
  • Fingerprint details
  • Kernel version
  • System uptime

Display information

CoreSpecs can monitor your display details. You can easily get information about your display details from here. Screen resolution, Screen size, Display Height, Display Width, Screen density,  Refresh rate of your phone.

Memory and GPU details

Users can easily get details about their phone’s RAM. Easily you can monitor your total RAM, Available RAM. Also, you can get info about internal memory and external memory. CoreSpecs shows your Graphic card info and versions and extensions. 

Find your Battery level and Battery capacity, Battery Health very quickly. And you can find the phone’s battery technology voltage and temperature of the battery. 

You can have information about your processor. Clock speed, CPU implementer, CPU architecture,  CPU revision, are the other CPU details that you can track here effortlessly. CoreSpecs provides the most detailed CPU details. Monitor your hardware in real-time and get complete information about your device

Check your gestures 

Check supported gestures of the device and test them easily from this application. However, here are some of the gestures that you can check easily.

  • Shake Detection
  • Movement Detection
  • Chop Detection
  • Screen Face Detection
  • Tilt Detection


This app requires many permissions to show detailed information about your device. No statistics leave your device. This information isn’t shared or collected in any way. Your privacy is always respected. This app will give more amazing features in the future. You can try this app to check details about your device info. Click here to download CoreSpecs to your android mobile.

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