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Clubhouse app released new Wawe Feature lets users invite private chats.

The clubhouse released its latest feature on 23rd September. Users can invite their mates for a private chat on one wave. They going to expand it beyond the public chat rooms also. The clubhouse app is simple and clean. So it is easy to use. There are so many audio chat apps like Spotify greenroom, Twitter spaces, Discord. But Clubhouse is easy to use than those apps.

The clubhouse announced there are more than 700K rooms opened every day. So this feature will useful for Clubhouse users. 


When did Clubhouse App launch?

Clubhouse App launched in April 2020 among the quarantine. It is a really big deal for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs because it’s an initial invite-only membership platform at the beginning. They stopped it in the new update, and now anyone can join with Clubhouse. 


Can I use Clubhouse with any device?

The clubhouse is only available for Android & above users and iOS 13 above users. And it is free to use.

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