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Best Woman Health App – Flo App for women


There are several women health apps. All the women apps help in several ways. The one of the 2020 best Women is the  Health App is  Flo. This app is used by more than 150 million women around the world. From this app women of all the ages can get assistance. Flo can help with your  cycle, fertility or pregnancy with all the stages of your life stage or reproductive goal.

Now we are going to talk about the all time favourite tracking app for  2020. This new app has absolutely changed the way that look a cycle changed the way that track everything and has just really given so much information on hormones and the body is at.

About the Flo app

On every single day of the month so you all need to get on this tracking app. It is the best one out there is actually called something that you probably wouldn’t have found on the app store. I highly recommend that you stick around and yell this might just change your life.

So the app Flo is free. It does have a premium version as well. But it is free for the majority of features. You can download it from here,


best women app

Graphic feature

It allows you to actually graph what your body is doing. Flo contains graphs on a linear scale. So that you can see your progression across the month. So that it uses it to track cycles so that it can see if it has ovulated  or not. Also can track cervical mucus as well. This may sound a bit tmi but cervical mucus is actually supper important. Not only that but also being able to read what the hormones are doing. And if you want more information on any of this and how to actually interpret this and know day by day. 

Calendar mode

It will tell you when your predicted period is. Which is the highlighted pickles and then obviously where predicted ovulation is. Where that is fertile as shown below.

Then you can see obviously where the previous one has been too so where it thinks.


 So in this community, so different people enter their details. They have asked for advice. It’s pretty cool to see other people’s graphs. As well because then you can see if you’re doing it right or what other. How other people are using the app as well.


There is a schedule reminder to get notification of the period, ovulation days and fertility. Also, there is a reminder to be healthy. weight, to sleep and drink water every day.

This app is all about the science behind health. So that you can understand your body and learn to heal naturally. 

Download this period diary for Android and join millions of women and teens who trust their cycles to this Period Tracker & Ovulation Tracker & Fertility Calendar.


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