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Best News Apps for Android in 2021

The Internet has changed our lives. People updated with reading books, reading magazines, reading newspapers. It changed to Television and Radio in the last two decades. But nowadays so many people use the internet. Television broadcasting companies spread their media to the internet. So many people use youtube instead of television and radio.

In this list, we’ll talk about the quality news apps for Android that will help you stay organized, stay in the loop, and discover the information you want. There is a difficult element to this. Some news sources lean in a certain manner politically and have misreported information to that end. Thus, we do now no longer suggest individual news stations. Yeah, Let’s discover the best news apps for android in 2021.



Flipboard is an accurate and popular news app in the world. Users can create a custom feed with their favorite sites, news sources, and other sources. Flipboard is used by dozens of millions of people every day. You can also make our customized magazines, stories, magazines, images, and videos from Flipboard. Users can get quick access to their interests in their homes. Flipboard is one of the best news apps for android in 2021. Download Flipboard from google play store. 


Everyone knows twitter because of the best social media platform for news. It is a great medium for share news with others. Users can follow their interests. Also, they can share retweets of their posts. Twitter is the best apps for the latest updates and news. Twitter is fast than other social platforms. It allows you to find interesting people from people who interest you. Twitter users can discover trending breaking news, new updates with Twitter hashtags. Twitter is a professional social platform. You need to just follow your interest to receive the latest news and updates. Twitter is available for macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux operating systems. You can download Twitter for your android device from here.


Inoreader is a freshly released good news app for android in 2021. It gives users a beautiful light reading experience. There are 2 plans in this application. Users can add feeds and organize them into folders. Inoreader users can use any device with web and mobile apps. Users can save articles to third-party applications such as Evernote, Pocket, Dropbox. Also can save pages to read later. Push notifications available only in the pro plan. Incoreader syncs the full content that their users can read content while they offline. Also, users can translate articles.  Web users can subscribe to the email newsletter for the latest updates. You can download it for your android mobile from here.

AP News

Associated press

AP News is another free decent news app for Android.  It reasserts its news from itself alongside loads of sources both local and nationwide. The UI is serviceable and clean and you can discover news on plenty of topics, along with sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and more. It’s not best for politics, however, it’s better than most. You can download it from here.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is a pretty decent news aggregator for Android. It works like most, though. You open the app, pick out the subjects you care about, and receive a feed with information curated by Microsoft employees. The service syncs among the app and the web automatically for cross-platform support. You also get a dark theme, the capacity to save articles for later, and also you get an amazing combination of each left and right-leaning political news site. There is a variety of news right here if you need to read it. Click here to download MS News app from here.



Feedly is one of the most popular news apps in the present world. This Feedly app is an RSS reader. Users can pull from various websites and sources. Millions of passionate and professionals use Feedly on their devices to follow blogs and other sources every day. This news app connects to more than 40 million feeds that users can drive deep and find the niche content that they want. The Feedly is easy to use because of its sleek design. This app will give you a great experience. Feedly is one of the best news apps for android in 2021. Download Feedly in google play store.


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