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best free music streaming apps for android devices in 2021

People changed their every habitat with technology, even listing to music. Buying DVDs, and downloading songs are things of the past. So streaming apps and software takes lead is present. There are only a limited number of people still downloading songs at present. You can listen to your favorite songs, albums, and artists with a one-click streaming app. There are so many music streaming apps on the internet. But you need to pick a better app for your user experience. Those are the best free music streaming apps for android devices in 2021. 


Best free music streaming apps for android




Deezer is one of the best free music streaming apps in the world. There are more than 100 million downloads on the google play store. You can listen to your favorite music lists from Deezer. Users can listen to podcasts and music albums for free. Also, Deezer provides ‘song catcher feature to identify the music playing around your device in real-time. Users can read live lyrics and sing themselves. This is an amazing special feature in the music streaming app. You can create an account for free. But some ads are appearing in a free account. You can upgrade your account for premium for a reasonable price. This is a piece of good music streaming app that you can access more than 55+ million high-quality tracks for free. Click here to download to your device for free.

  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly interface with amazing features
  • Track a song to identify and play it
  • Realtime lyrics to read


Soundcloud is a massive online music streaming platform for every device. They provide music streaming, podcasts, and more options. You can create your playlist here easily. There are more than 120 million+ music libraries for free. You can become an artist easily from SoundCloud. Because users can upload their music tracks and build a good audience easily. Download now SoundCloud for your android mobile.

  • Good UI experience
  • More than 120 million soundtracks
  • You can discover the latest songs from here

Youtube Music

youtube music

Youtube is the biggest video streaming platform in the entire world. It is an essential app for every mobile. You can listen to music and watch music videos from youtube easily. But some issues are using the youtube application as a music streaming app. So they introduced Youtube Music App for listening to music and podcasts. And also it holds the best music library around the world including tracks from artists and YouTubers. You can access the whole youtube music library for free. There are two tires in here. 

You can download music to listen offline. But it is only available on the paid tier. Also, there are some ads on Youtube music if you are using their free version. You can find your choice easily from here.

  • Access to the complete Youtube music library
  • Easily you can play lyrics while playing a song

BBC Sounds

bbc sounds

BBC Sounds is a great app for listening to radio, podcasts, and music. Perfectly designed for access to any radio, and music track. There are useful special features in BBC Sounds. You can listen to live shows and podcasts. Also, users can record them and rewind them. This is free for use. So this is the best free music streaming app for android. Click here to download BBC Sounds to your android device.

  • Totaly free to use
  • Best for listening to radio and podcast
  • Record live shows and rewind it

 Amazon Prime Music

prime music

This is the best music streaming app if you have an Amazon Prime account. You can easily integrate Amazon Prime Music with Alexa. So Alexa will play for you. There are more than seventy million tracks here. And there is no limit to download to listen offline. You can listen to music with HD quality. Also, there are no ad breaks and popups. You need to pay to get Amazon prime music. If you are a prime member already, you can use this for free.

  • More than 70 million music library
  • Amazon Alexa integration


spotify features

Yes, Spotify is the king of music streaming services. Everyone knows what Spotify is. There are amazing features in Spotify. You can listen to your favorite albums and podcasts from anywhere. Spotify holds more than 80 million music libraries. You can select your languages and your music choices with genres. You can add devices to control your account. So you can access to Spotify app while running it on your laptop. Spotify UI is one of the best UI for music streaming apps. Because it is so easy to use. Upgrade your account to experience ad-free music. You can access premium for free in the first month. Unlimited skips and play exactly what you want from Spotify premium. Also, premium users can download songs to play offline. This is a perfect match for your android device.  You can download and subscribe to premium for an affordable price from here. 


  • Clean and Clear UI experience
  • Easy to access
  • Best for android devices

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