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Best five Camera Apps for Android Devices 2021

Does your stock camera is not satisfying you? And looking for good camera apps instead of the stock camera? Yes, this is for you. Camera is an essential part of a smartphone. So mobile companies trying to improve their camera setup day by day. Usually, this makes the stock cameras better than third-party camera apps. OEMs just know the camera settings better and optimize more judiciously. This is especially true for Samsung, Google, and Huawei phones that use artificial intelligence and other software optimizations in addition to camera hardware. However, a third-party application can be useful sometimes. Here are the best five camera apps for Android 2021.

Best Camera Apps for Android

Google Camera / Gcam

Google camera. best camera

Pixel users know how about their camera setup. It is an impressive camera for smartphones. This is the stock camera app for Google pixel users. But you can download it to some devices as a third-party application. Google camera includes lens blur mode, slow motion (on supported devices), photosphere, video stabilization, night mode, portrait mode, and more. But unfortunately, you can only use it on devices running Android 7.1.1 and above. If your stock camera is not satisfying you, try google camera. You can download Gcam to your device from here

Best five Camera Apps for Android
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Camera MX

Camera MX, best Camera Apps for Android

This is a old and popular stuff among the android users. This is so simple to use and easy to manage. Camera MX developers keep it in update and give amazing experience to their users. The app offers a variety of shooting modes. You can also use it to take photos or videos. There is also a GIF mode for creating your own GIFs. The built-in photo editor can do it well. It’s a good all-in-one solution. Serious photographers may want to look elsewhere. There is a pro version in this app too. Download Camera MX from here.

Pro Cam X

Best Camera Apps for Android

Pro Cam X is a good and new app providing the service what their uses exactly need. It focuses more on pro-oriented features rather than filters and other social media styling elements. The app includes facial recognition, 4K video recording. It is very userfriendly to use. Download this app to your android device from here.

Open Camera

Open Camera

Open camera is the most popular third-party camera app among android users. There are manual camera setting features. This is pretty good for serious mobile photographers. This app is completely free to use. There are no ads and in-app purchase. So people love to use this app.  There are cool feature like make sounds to capture pictures. 

You can capture images remotely without clicking any button. Only you need to do a voice command like ‘say cheeese’.  And Open camera has the geotaging feature. Also includes the noice reduction feature and HDR captures in the open camera. There are so many features we are not going to spoil. Download it and experience it.


Best five Camera Apps for Android

Pixtica is one of the latest on the third-party camera list. It features a number of little tips and decent post-processing. Some of the features include live filters, manual controls, exposure control, GIF recorder, slow motion mode, support for RAW files, QR code scanner, and more. It also comes with a basic gallery and photo editor. We love its wide range of features and all-in-one style. Download Pixtica to your device from here.

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