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Best apps for online learning – best educational apps in 2021

The world is rapidly changing with modern technology. There are so many opportunities for educated workers in career fields. Many people took advantage of online learning in this quarantine period. There are so many resources on the internet to learn something new. Here we picked the best apps for online learning and online courses. You aren’t late to learn something new. So get started today.

Best Apps for online learning in 2021


Best Apps for online learning

Udemy is a world-recognized leading online course platform. They offer more than 100,000 free online courses. You can learn different topics from Udemy. You can get a certificate at the end of the course. Also, there are quizzes in some courses. This is a really good platform to learn something new such as business, coding, health, languages. This is available for both iOS and Android devices. Here you can download the app to your android device.


Best Apps for online learning

Coursera, one of the world’s most popular online learning resources, offers thousands of courses from leading education providers, including elite universities like Stanford and Princeton, as well as companies like IBM and Google. You can select the course you need. And they will recommend similar courses to sharpen your knowledge. 

Khan Academy

Best Apps for online learning

Where can you go online to not only learn how to solve an urgent problem but also improve your understanding of a topic or start researching something from scratch? For most subjects, the best place is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is one of the best free online learning services with course materials covering science, maths, art history, and other topics. Lessons include videos, reading materials, and interactive components arranged in a sequence so that you can start on any topic and gradually expand your knowledge.


Best Apps for online learning

This is a free app that users can learn a variety of programming languages ​​and concepts with short lessons, coding challenges, and quizzes. There are so many opportunities to learn new things in Sololearn. You can challenge your mates with your coding knowledge. Also, there is a leaderboard with challengers. SoloLearn is available to download for iOS on the App Store here and Android on Google Play. 


Best Apps for online learning

In collaboration with universities including Harvard and MIT, edX offers nearly 2,500 courses to choose from. they focus mainly on science and humanities. So if you want to expand your understanding of topics in these areas, this is a great place. EdX is a really good platform for computer science and other languages. You can download the edX application to your android device from here.

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