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All About The Discord Software

Discord is a popular group chatting software created in 2015. Discord is very famous software among Gamers. More than 200 million downloads and 100 million monthly users for Discord. This is available for iOS users, iMac users, Android, and Windows users. Discord software will give a good competition to other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, telegram in the future.


How does this work?

This service is completely free. You can download Discord software to your windows pc or iMac from the official Discord website. Discord is built to allow you and other members to message each other. Each community is called a “server.” Discord using gamers to chat with each other teammates while a game. This is a really amazing feature when players can’t chat with each other in-game.

Discord servers

There are servers in this software. Servers are packed with channels. Channel is the place that users can chat and communicate with each other. You can also share videos, images, links, music, files, and more. Servers are free. Starting an own server also free. And we can join other servers.

There are more than ten thousand different Discord servers.

Users can chat with other users directly via Discord. Users can connect discord with youtube. Channel is a group that users can chat with other users. 


Mr. Beast Gaming is the top discord server in the world with more than 700000+ active members now. ChillZone is one of the highest active topicless servers on Discord. 

 Users can stream their live stream in Discord channels. They can use voice chat on their channels. Users can listen to music from Discord for free. This software is really funny like Reddit.  Many Discord users like its interface. It is clean and sleek. 

Discord Software

Discord Bots

There are custom bots here. Chatbots can chat with us. We can automate our chat with bots. Users can use bots to find music and play music. Some bots can provide rich pieces of information about multiple sources. Some bots can do multiple tasks in the channel. Most bots can reply with the user’s voice commands. This is fun and interesting. So users like this platform much. Users can create their own bot with a programming language like python. 

Discord says the only information it collects from their user’s email addresses and screen names, So they don’t know the age and gender of its users. Most of the users are male. This platform popular among teens and young. Users can use bots for searching porn. It is a very easy and safe way to watch porn. So teens can misuse this application software for unwanted things. This is a good platform anyway. Users have many privileges from this platform. One day Discord will be an incredible platform in the social media world.  


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