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5 Best FREE Code Editor Software for Windows & Mac in 2021

Developers find new things every year. Every year there are so many new code editing software is launching. So one of these code editor software is the perfect idea for a beginner. Because those are free code editing software. Here we are going to talk about the 5 best free code editor software that can use in Windows and Apple Mac PCs in 2021. 

Visual Studio Code

5 Best FREE Code Editor Software

This is an unbeatable code editor software for all time. Visual studio code is an open-source code editor software created by Microsoft. This is a perfect match for a beginner and an intermediate. You can use Node.js, JavaScript, and other languages easily from here. This is working perfectly with your Apple iMac and your Linux and Windows PC. This is easy to use with software configuration management provides such as Github. And Visual Studio Code is fully customizable for you.



Notepad ++ code editor

Notepad++ is a popular code editor written in C++ language. It uses Win32 API which offers greater speed and small program size. It is one of the pleasant code editing software that runs best withinside the windows environment, and it makes use of the GPL License. This free editor supports PHP JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. And also this software has special feature words completion and functions completion. This code editor provides macro playback and recording. 


Atom code editor

Atom is an amazing useful code editor software that is preferred by programmers due to its classic interface compared to other code editing software. This can manage in windows, iMac, and Linux OS. there is a package manager Integrated for plugins support. 


Netbeans code editor

NetBeans is an open-source code editing tool for development with Java, PHP, C ++, and other programming languages. With this editor code analyzers and converters. It’s one of the best code editors for Windows that you can use to update your applications. to use new constructs of the Java 8 language. There is a rapid user interface and this can help you to write a bug-free code experience. NetBeans is Easy and Efficient project management software. 


Bluefish code editor

Bluefish a is a cross-platform editor, a fast tool that can process dozens of files at once. It’s one of the best PC coding applications that developers can use to make changes remotely. This code editing tool offers many options for programmers and the web. Developers to write websites, scripts, and program code. This is the best IDE for Mac that loads dozens of files so fast. There is a special feature that you can do undo and redo unlimitedly.

Here are the 5 best code editor software for Windows and Mac in 2021 that recommend for anyone.

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