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10 Retro Video Games You Can Play on iPhone

what’s your most favorite from your schooling days? Now there are more high-quality games than those retro video games. But how can we forget our childhood memories? Here we are going to talk about the top 10 retro video games you can play on iPhone in 2021. 

Pacific Wings

Pacific Wings

In the past, this game was called “1941” in which you play a fighter pilot who maneuvers your plane around the enemy fire and shoots down their planes. Nothing changed about that; The playability and game design look more or less the same. You control the plane by sliding your finger across the screen to collect power-ups that you can use to fire more bullets or increase your rate of fire.

Breakout: Boost

breakout boost

The gameplay is based on the original Atari ‘Breakout’ that was released in the mid-1970s. The iPhone version has improved graphics and colors, and more walls to break. You control the paddle by sliding your finger left and right. A bit more interesting than the original pong game as your goal is to break the stones and complete different levels.

Bubble Shooter – Totally Addictive

bubble boost

Another simple game that will bring back memories. Let’s pop some bubbles! On the iPhone version, swipe left and right to aim the arrow and swipe up to the fire. Shoot the colored bubbles in groups of three or more to clear them from the screen. All bubbles fall below the point of contact and you win by removing all bubbles. The game ends when a bubble reaches the bottom of the screen.

Tanks! Free

Tanks free

The gameplay and graphics in this game are based on Atari’s ‘Battlezone’ released in 1980 with an added twist. Instead of 3 tank lives, you will receive a health bar. You control the tank with two joysticks that control the tank tracks. An interesting and fun way to control the tank. You can also collect power-ups and health points.

Snake ’97

snake 97 retro games

The legendary set of Nokia phones everywhere. Now also available on the iPhone! Best of all, ‘Snake’ on iPhone has the look of the old phone without the touch of the rubberized keypads. This game is simple and fast-paced and will either give you an adrenaline rush or leave you frustrated. Either way, you will surely keep playing to make the line longer.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Retro Video Games

The Mortal Kombat series was very popular in its day. Like most fighting games on iPhone, it has a joystick on the left and action buttons on the right. You can play all of the characters from the original game, and although the controls require something to get you back in the day, it was still amazing to do and see the finishing moves.

Prince of Persia Classic

Retro Video Games

Smartphones have the limitation that they don’t have physical buttons that controllers have. As a result, the controls in this game are not the best. You control your character with a slider to move left or right and another 3 buttons to scale, jump and collect objects. You’ll have to navigate your way out as you encounter obstacles (and guards) to win the game.

Ping Pong

ping pong Retro Video Games

This game takes you back to the 70s. Slide your fingers up and down to control the paddle, and don’t let the ball run over the edge of your screen. Some use the walls to bounce the ball. The walls make it difficult to return. However, you are playing against an A. So if you let the ball ricochet off the wall it could work more for your enemy than against them.

Mega Man X

Retro Video Games

Similar to the original, Mega Man X has directional controls and two action buttons. one to shoot, one to jump. You can hold down the fire button to recharge your shot and unleash powerful ammunition when fully charged. There are many different types of weapons and different levels with different robot enemies and bosses on each end. this is a great retro video games.

Frogger Free

Someone looking for a challenge will surely remember playing Frogger. A game where you need a lot of patience, quick reaction time to dodge cars, and the perfect time to get to the other side safely. You control the frog by sliding up, down, left, and right on the screen. Some laps may be easier than others, but rest assured that with patience and skill, you can cross safely. read more about games from pocketduos

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